Are you looking for an effective and thorough training program? Look no further! Heavy Equipment Colleges of America is proud to help our students prepare for great careers. Take a look at some of our success stories below.


“My experience at the Heavy Equipment Colleges of America in Georgia was a good and educational one. I have learned a lot about heavy equipment operations and the construction industry. My instructor Jay and the other instructors were very helpful. They took their time in explaining all that my classmates and I needed to know about heavy equipment operating. I can honestly say that I will surely recommend this school to anyone.”


“I was looking for a career change. The Heavy Equipment Colleges of America in Georgia truly has given me that and changed my life forever. I received education on the importance of safety procedures and equipment maintenance. I now have what it takes to be a successful Heavy Equipment Operator and I would not hesitate to promote the school to someone I know.”


“My experience here at Heavy Equipment Colleges of America in Georgia was pretty nice. I learned how to dig a flat bottom ditch. I operated equipment I never dreamed of. Overall I have learned a lot more than I can explain on paper. The teachers here were awesome and taught well.”


“Two instructors, Toney and Jay, have been great for students. They have been eager to teach and stayed late for people who did not catch on. So many times I was confronted with difficulties but with the instructors’ help I was able to get over from them. Again, thanks for the instructors help and eagerness.”


“I loved the time I was here. The instructors were great. All the guys were cool and I had a great time. I learned so much.”


“I gained a lot of new knowledge from this school. I will advise other people to come to the school. I had fun. The staff was very nice and respectable.”


“My experience here has been great. I came into this school knowing nothing about heavy equipment. Now I have got a good job with a big company. I have learned a lot in my nine weeks at Heavy Equipment Colleges of America in Georgia. It has been fun and the instructors were great. I am now starting a career that will last me a lifetime.”


“This is great training. The experience on the machines was worth the investment. The instructors are experienced and knowledgeable and the site is as real-world as possible. If I could afford to stay longer I would. I am pleased with the total experience.”


“Coming to this school has given me a new perspective about heavy equipment. I have a great deal of respect and a lot more confidence about being around and operating this equipment. The instructors are great and will give you the attention you need to successfully gain your certificate. Thanks to the instructors and staff for all you have done to help me obtain my certificate.”


“The instructors here were very helpful. They also brought a lot of real world experience and stories. That helped me learn a lot about the industry. I would refer people to this school.”


“I graduated from the school back in September 2010, while in mid-relocation from Rhode Island to New Jersey, and it drastically turned my life around. In March of 2013, I had responded to a help wanted ad for a waste transfer and disposal facility in northern New Jersey. Upon having the interview, the operations manager was thrilled to have me and wanted me to start as soon as possible. Well, three years later, I’m still there and operating various machines – e.g. Volvo L110G & L120F loaders, trucks, railcars, and a Volvo EW180B wheeled excavator – making $19 an hour. In addition to my license and certification, I now have three years of experience as an operator that will allow me to look into other HEO positions with other waste management industries. None of this would have been possible without the help of the school and my training there. I can’t say, “Thank You” enough.”

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