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how to become a heavy equipment operator

Qualified heavy equipment operators are important skilled workers at construction sites and in other settings where heavy equipment is required. It takes comprehensive training to properly operate these machines. If you are considering becoming a heavy equipment operator, this guide will take you step by step from where you are currently to a new in…(Read More)

Women in Heavy Equipment Industry - Heavy equipment College

Did you think heavy equipment operation is only a man’s field of work? It’s not. An increasing number of women are entering the construction industry by filling heavy equipment operator roles. Women comprise approximately 9 percent of the construction industry, according to BLS data, and most of them work in administrative roles. Among…(Read More)

Heavy Equipment Winter Tips by Heavy Equipment College - HEC

The winter months are rapidly approaching and the cold weather, depending on where you are, is being thrust upon us. As the days get shorter and fluffy white precipitation descends from the sky, it is important to prepare your heavy equipment to last through the winter months. Proper maintenance is important. To help preserve your…(Read More)

Hazard Controls

There are five kinds of hazard control within the hierarchy of controls in the construction workplace. Different controls are applied to different situations, and there are times in which using certain controls is not possible. Most of the time, though, it is recommended to operate according to the hierarchy of controls. They are listed from…(Read More)