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Is Heavy Equipment training for you? Take a quick look HERE to find out

Is Heavy Equipment training for you? Take a quick look here to find out

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Mobile Crane Operator

Why Mobile Crane Operator Training Is Worth It

June 26, 2019

Mobile crane operator training is crucial (and worthwhile) if you want to start a career as a mobile crane operator in the construction industry. Need more convincing? Let’s dive into why it’s worth the time and effort. Qualifies you for jobs Completing mobile crane operating training makes you…

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Heavy Equipment Operators FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Heavy Equipment Operators

June 13, 2019

Deciding on a career is a big decision. Whether you’re just out of high school or you’re looking to change fields, it’s smart to do research on prospective careers. One career to consider is that of a heavy equipment operator. It’s okay if you don’t…

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Heavy Equipment Machines

5 Essential Heavy Equipment Machines for Construction

June 13, 2019

Getting the job done in construction can sometimes require a variety of heavy equipment. Different situations call for a different machine that is right for the job. While some can do multiple things, some machines do handle certain tasks better than others. In this post, we’ll take a look…

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Safety Tips for Heavy Equipment Operator

7 Safety Tips for Operating Heavy Equipment

May 29, 2019

Heavy equipment operation can be a dangerous job. Construction sites are full of hazards, and heavy equipment can cause injuries to yourself or others at the jobsite. Communicating effectively with everyone in the area can reduce the number of accidents and injuries. While communication is necessary for everyone’s safety…

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Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Heavy Equipment Operation

May 8, 2019

To get the job done in construction, you need the right equipment. Aside from the heavy equipment itself, it is vital that you wear the right personal protective equipment, or PPE. PPE is the last line of defense between worksite hazards and your body. Construction and other professions that rely…

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Crane Operator

What to Expect from HEC Crane Operator Training

May 7, 2019

Congratulations on your interest in crane operator training. Heavy Equipment Colleges of America (HEC) is a great choice for training programs in hydraulic and lattice boom mobile crane operation. With over a decade of experience educating heavy equipment operators-to-be, HEC will help provide you with the skills and…

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Find Heavy Equipment Programs

Heavy Equipment Programs: Finding Your Perfect Fit

April 18, 2019

Remember that toy bulldozer or dump truck you played with as a kid? What if you could turn that childhood fantasy into a career? Good news: you can! As a heavy equipment operator, make a living at the helm of a heavy machine. It will take hard work and dedication…

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Construction Site injuries prevention

Construction Site Injuries: Fatal Four and Prevention

April 10, 2019

The construction site can be a most dangerous place to work. Below are the four most common causes of workplace injuries, which have been dubbed the “Fatal Four”: Furthermore, if you’re interested in a career in construction, safety is important. That’s something the Heavy Equipment Colleges of America…

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Crane Operator Program at Heavy Equipment College

Facts to Consider about Crane Operator Training Programs

February 28, 2019

Are you considering becoming a crane operator? Prior to achieving that goal, it’s important to consider the facts about the endeavor you’re looking to take on. Fortunately for you, we’ve laid out some of the most common factors people take into account when deciding if becoming a…

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