Next Certificate Program Start: 05/30/2023  |  Next Associate Degree Program Start: 07/10/2023

Next Certificate Program Start: 06/06/2022  |  Next Associate Degree Program Start: 07/05/2022

Next Certificate Program Start: 05/30/2023  |  Next Associate Degree Program Start: 07/10/2023

Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations - Tower Crane

Take a quick look at goals, interests, and skills to see if Heavy Equipment or Crane Operation is right for you. This easy quiz will guide you through the process. Click HERE to learn more.


*Training and NCCCO testing for tower crane takes place on a self-erecting crane. Self-erecting crane not pictured here.


Picking a career is hard—but for many people, so is deciding if they want to pursue secondary education. You may be hesitant because you feel you don’t have the time or resources. However, Heavy Equipment Colleges of America’s programs are designed to help educate you and prepare you for a career. 

The objective of the Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operators – Tower Crane program is to provide the fundamental skills and knowledge applicable to tower crane operation. This prepares students for employment in the field as a tower crane operator. This program is available at our Georgia, Oklahoma, and California locations.


We believe in providing students with a non-traditional approach to learning, focusing more on practical experience in hard trades. It starts with combining practical training with supplementary knowledge to develop well-rounded professional skills. 


Here are some of the benefits and valuable experiences you’ll gain from the program: 

  • Practical Experience: We emphasize the importance of practical training with in-class learning. It’s the best way to prepare students for the real encounters they’ll have on the job. 
  • Two-Week Program: This is an accelerated program that you can fit into your schedule. Finish this program in as little as two weeks and be eligible to enter the labor pool. 
  • Certification: The certifying body for crane operation is the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators, NCCCO, which utilizes an outcome-based assessment approach that provides an objective evaluation that meets industry and regulatory standards and accurately measures knowledge and abilities. NCCCO aims to enhance lifting equipment safety, reduce workplace risk, improve performance records, stimulate training, and give due recognition to the professionals who work in, with, and around cranes.

Career Outlook

Over the next decade, thousands of new openings will be available for certified operators. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for material moving machine operators, such as tower crane operators, is projected to grow 7% from 2020-2030.


Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive and complete education for each student. Through our programs, students can experience hands-on training and informative classroom instruction from knowledgeable instructors. 


Ready to start your rewarding career as a Tower crane operator? Contact us for more information about how we can help you learn the skills necessary for success.


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