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Heavy Equipment Training

The next time you drive through the city or town in which you reside, take a minute to look at the buildings and roads around you. Did you ever stop to think about the process and the work that was required to bring these valuable staples of civilization infrastructure into being? Just in case you…(Read More)

2017 Level II graduate, William Stoltenberg, discusses why he decided to continue his education, even with over 16 years of experience in heavy equipment operations! Stoltenberg firmly believes that continuing his training will help him explore more career opportunities in project management, so that is why he decided to take the next steps in his…(Read More)

Heavy Equipment Programs

Whether you are a heavy equipment novice or an experienced operator looking to advance your career, completing a heavy equipment training program offers a number of important professional benefits. Here’s a look at five of the biggest: Professional Certification: Most heavy equipment operator schools offer education and training programs that qualify their graduates to…(Read More)

Watch this short clip, where 2017 graduate, Terrance Hamilton, discusses why he loves the program he selected here at HEC! With a variety of programs to choose from, students have endless possibilities that lead into several career outlooks including equipment operation, site management and preparation, and road construction! If you are looking for an adventure…(Read More)