Next Certificate Program Start: 05/30/2023  |  Next Associate Degree Program Start: 07/10/2023

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Next Certificate Program Start: 05/30/2023  |  Next Associate Degree Program Start: 07/10/2023


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At Heavy Equipment Colleges of America, we understand the importance of making sure that your employees and your operators are properly trained. In fact, we have dedicated over a decade to creating and perfecting our training and evaluation processes. We are happy to provide our first-rate options to both students as well as businesses.

How do you know a prospective employee has the skills you need to meet the demands of your jobsite? We bring our reality-based testing methods directly to your worksite to evaluate a job candidate’s knowledge and operational skill level. We can do this using two different methods.


The ADEPT Heavy Equipment Operator Pre-Assessment Report is used to gauge the current strengths and weaknesses of the prospective operator in question. This provides a snapshot of what prospective operators know as well as their ability to accomplish specific tasks.

ADEPT (Adaptable Equipment Proficiency Testing)

The Adaptable Equipment Proficiency Testing (ADEPT) program uses a testing and certification process that utilizes an outcome-based assessment approach. This provides an objective evaluation that meets industry and regulatory standards and accurately measures knowledge and abilities, including:

  • Basic operations, safety and maintenance
  • Site layout, soils and practical math
  • Blueprint reading and general construction knowledge
  • Staging and set up
  • Proper execution and accuracy in maintaining lines and depth

The Approach

We are happy to offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Portable Testing and Evaluation: We’ll come to your site
  • Customized Certification: Designed to meet your specific and unique needs and requirements
  • Training Options: Providing on-site training for workers and support of in-house trainers

Certification Benefits

There are a wide variety of benefits associated with certification. Some of these include:

  • Verified knowledge and skills of entry-level operators
  • Enhanced job performance and capacity
  • Reduced on-site accidents and workers comp claims
  • Decreased risk and lower insurance premiums
  • Projects kept on time and on schedule
  • More than 2000 workers certified to date
  • Organize operators’ level based on knowledge and skill

Crane Certification

The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) has their own certification programs that can be used to assess an operator’s knowledge. There are an array of ways in which these tests can help your business. We encourage you to contact us for more information if you are curious about the benefits that engaging in NCCCO testing and certification could have for you.


Using the results of the initial assessment, we develop a targeted training plan to address the areas of the operators’ skills that need improvement. We will then work directly with you and your operators to provide your staff with the tools they need to improve and the tools you need to implement your own training procedures.


After the training program is completed, the ADEPT Heavy Equipment Operator Post-Assessment will retest employees and identify any remaining areas of concern. We will then produce a detailed report with initial scores, the administered training and the final results.

For more information regarding our operator assessments, contact us today using the form on this page!


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