Locations – Georgia, Oklahoma

  Program Length – 3 Weeks

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Making decisions about what, when and where to study can have a huge impact on the rest of your life. It is not surprising that many students find themselves hesitating before committing. After all, most individuals want a job that will provide them reliable work to support themselves throughout their lifetime. And in a society whose technology is advancing as quickly as it is, it is natural to be torn between pursuing what seems to be the future and electing for something more traditional, like skilled trades.

Our schools continually strive to design the most effective curriculum possible for our students. The programs we offer are crafted to aid students in learning a wide variety of skills. At our locations, you have the advantage of receiving hands-on experience while also gaining the valuable information found in textbooks and classroom discussions. Our programs are designed to give you both practical experience and classroom interaction when it comes to the fundamentals of crane operation.

After completing our Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Mobile Crane, you can move onto Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Lattice Boom Crawler Crane. In our Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Lattice Boom Crawler Crane program, you will learn to master the basics of working with lattice boom cranes. This includes learning about things like:

  • Crane Set-Up
  • Lift Planning
  • Load Dynamics
  • Rigging
  • Signaling

Our experienced staff members will help you acquire the experience, knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in lattice boom crane operation.


Our goal is to provide students with the very best in training education. Making the decision to enroll in a program at one of our campuses helps you make an investment in your future. Some of the specific benefits that you can expect to gain from our Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Lattice Boom Crawler Crane program include:

  • Practical Experience: In this program, we focus on giving our students the hands-on training and practical field experience to help them prepare for future work.
  • Three Week Program: At HEC, we recognize that not everyone can afford to dedicate years of their busy lives to the pursuit of higher education. You can complete this program in as quickly as three weeks.
  • Multiple Locations: We offer this class at two locations. These include:
  • Military Benefits: We are proud to support and honor the brave women and men who fight for our country. We believe you should be able to use the skills you’ve learned while in the military and work them into a brand new To that end, our schools are approved for VA education so that you may get the training you need at an affordable price.
  • Certification: The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) program utilizes an outcome-based assessment approach. This provides an objective evaluation that meets industry and regulatory standards and accurately measures knowledge and abilities. NCCCO aims to enhance lifting equipment safety, reduce workplace risk, improve performance records, stimulate training, and give due recognition to the professionals who work in, with, and around cranes. Getting a certification at HEC prepares students with the entry-level skills that employers are looking for.

  Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the field of heavy equipment operation will grow as much as 10 percent from 2014 to 2024. That means that when you complete your training program(s) at HEC, you can become part of a growing field with a variety of job opportunities around the country. You will not have to worry about shrinking availability or impossible competition when you decide to pursue a career in an industry that is actively growing.


Our instructors are invested in the heavy equipment and crane operation industries. They have experience to back up their instruction and work hard to ensure that you acquire the skills they know you will need to have to be successful. We believe that our dedicated and professional staff help set our facilities apart from other training programs and our students benefit as a result.

We always seek to offer our students a comprehensive education regardless of the exact program(s) you decide to complete. Our courses are carefully designed for the professional who recognizes the value of obtaining hands-on experience along with their classroom discussions. Additionally, you can look forward to help even after you have finished your training! Our locations offer various career services that will help you polish up your resume and cover letter as well as learning how to ace an interview. We want you to succeed and give you every tool we can in order to make that happen.

Are you ready to begin your new career? Contact us for more information about how we can help you learn the skills necessary for success.

Program availability varies by location.

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