Two heavy equipment 1 students training.

  Locations –  California, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Oklahoma

  Program Length – 3 Weeks

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Choosing a career can be a daunting task. Many people who are considering a postsecondary education are pursuing careers in tech-related industries because of the increased automation of our daily lives. However, it is worth noting that skilled trades are as important today as they have ever been and there is a great demand for workers in such fields. There are certain jobs that are better performed by skilled workers. And it’s the type of job that you’re able to leave behind when you go home for the day!

Machine operation is one such job that continues to be in high demand around the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that employment in the industry will have grown around 10 percent through 2024 when compared to 2014.* The growth rate is above average and will continue to see new jobs available for workers who complete the required training.

Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Level I** is a three-week course designed to provide even the most novice student a practical understanding of basic heavy equipment operation. You will learn the essential skills of earthmoving, including digging, trenching and loading, in addition to heavy equipment safety, preventive maintenance, and construction site fundamentals such as grades and elevations, soil properties and blueprint reading.


HEC offers the curriculum and valuable combination of hands-on experience and classroom instruction that leads to well-rounded and capable professionals. We believe learning should be a great experience. That is why we are proud to offer courses that have been carefully constructed to give our students the opportunity to excel in their field.

Benefits of the Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Level l program include:

  • Hands-On Training: In our Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Level I course, you will learn the basics of working as a heavy equipment operator. This includes the basics on dozers, backhoes and wheel loaders. Heavy Equipment One is an important course that gives you a solid foundation upon which to build your career.
  • Accelerated Program: We understand you have a busy life and you can’t afford to spend months, even years, to complete a training program. To help get you out of the classroom and into a stable position, we offer our Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Level l  course in an accelerated option you can finish in three weeks.
  • Multiple Locations: We have locations all across the United States. Find a campus near your home and conveniently train for your new career.
  • Military Benefits: We are proud to support and honor the brave women and men who fight for our country. We believe you should be able to use the skills you’ve learned while in the military and work them into a brand new career.
  • Certification:
    • The NCCCO program utilizes an outcome-based assessment approach. This provides an objective evaluation that meets industry and regulatory standards and accurately measures knowledge and abilities.
    • Level one training will qualify you for the ADEPT (Adaptable Equipment Proficiency Testing) exam, a nationally-recognized heavy equipment operations certification valued by employers across the country.

  Career Outlook

The demand for knowledgeable and skilled heavy equipment operators is expected to continue to increase over the next ten years. According to the BLS as mentioned earlier, the field of heavy equipment operation stands to grow as much as 10 percent from 2014 to 2024.***


Are you ready to continue on the path to acquiring the education and skills you need to succeed in field of heavy equipment operations? For more information, contact us today. We can talk about the next steps and help you enroll in the course. Best of all, you will be one step closer to starting a career you will truly love once you have finished with our Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Level l  course. You will have gained a foundation on which to build in our Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Level ll course. We are excited to have you and help you throughout your journey. At HEC, we have built a program that revolves around you. Come see how it works!

**Program availability varies by campus.