Locations –  California, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Oklahoma

  Program Length – 3 Weeks

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Many students struggle when it comes to making a decision about what kind of job they want for the duration of their working years. Due to the increasingly digital and automated nature of today’s professional and personal landscapes, careers focusing on computers and their peripherals are becoming popular. With that said, it is important to note that skilled trades are still an important part of modern society. In fact, they are perhaps more important than ever before precisely because so many students are avoiding them in favor of other options.

Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Level II is a course that is designed to take the skills you learned in Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Level I and continue to build on those skills. In this course, you will receive the additional training and experience that will help qualify you for more in-depth and complex roles in the heavy machinery and equipment industry.


We offer a curriculum comprised of both hands-on experience and textbook learning that leads to well-rounded and capable professionals. We believe learning is an experience–but even more than that, we believe learning should be a great experience. That is why we are proud to offer courses that have been carefully constructed to give our students the best chance of success as possible.

Benefits of this program include:

  • Hands-On Training: At HEC, students get to work on real equipment; this is the biggest benefit of our training. We will continue to focus on providing our students with important hands-on training that helps prepare them for their future work. This includes learning more about complex operations that grant you the knowledge and skills needed to help you stand out from the other candidates.
  • Three-Week Program: Life is busy and not everyone has the time to devote years of their life to higher education. This is especially true of the skilled trades, where you want to find anentry level job as quickly as possible and continue any specialized training as mandated by your employer. To help get you out of the classroom and into a position, we offer this program so you can finish in as little as three weeks.
  • Multiple Locations: We have locations all across the United States. Find a location near your home and conveniently train for your new career.
  • Military Benefits: We are proud to support and honor the brave women and men who fight for our country. We believe you should be able to use the skills you’ve learned while in the military and work them into a brand new To that end, our schools are approved for VA education.
  • Certification: Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Level II training will qualify you for the ADEPT (Adaptable Equipment Proficiency Testing) exam and certification, a nationally-recognized heavy equipment operations certification valued by employers across the country.

  Career Outlook

The demand for knowledgeable and skilled heavy equipment operators is projected to continue to grow over the next ten years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the field of heavy equipment operation stands to grow as much as 10 percent from 2014 to 2024.  When you complete your training, you will be able to join a growing field with a variety of job opportunities around the country.


Our locations are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive education. Our advanced, Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Level II course is designed as a three-week course that will take the practical understanding granted to students via our introductory course and expand on that information. We will focus on acquiring the skills to operate a hydraulic excavator, for example, and we will also work to supplement your knowledge of the dozer. More specifically, you will learn about advanced rough grading techniques, advanced instruction in excavation backfill, and finish grade techniques.

Are you ready to continue on the path to acquiring the education and skills you need to succeed in the field of heavy equipment operations? For more information, contact us today. We can talk about the next steps and help you enroll in the course. Best of all, you will be one step closer to starting a career you will truly love once you have finished our Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Level II course. We are excited to have you and help you throughout your journey. At HEC, we have built a program that revolves around you. Come see for yourself how it works!

Program availability varies by locations.

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