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Is Heavy Equipment training for you? Take a quick look here to find out

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Women in Heavy Equipment Industry - Heavy equipment College

Women in the Heavy Equipment Industry


Did you think heavy equipment operation is only a man’s field of work? It’s not. An increasing number of women are entering the construction industry by filling heavy equipment operator roles. Women comprise approximately 9 percent of the construction industry, according to BLS data, and most of them work in administrative roles. Among operating engineers and other construction equipment operators, 2.3 percent were women, according to a November 2017 report from the BLS. In 2016, women represented 1.9 percent of the same workforce.

women in heavy equipment programs

There is a lot of work to be done in the occupation before it is seen as one in which men and women are viewed as equal, but there is a lot of good that has been done to this point.

For women working in or seeking construction roles, the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) provides a supportive professional organization for women in the industry. They also post jobs and promote networking for women in heavy equipment.

Construction safety is the number one issue.  Another pressing issue is that there is demand for people to do the work.”According to BLS data, construction operator employment is projected to climb 12 percent through 2026.

Are you a woman who is considering a career in heavy equipment operation? If you are, there is no better place to continue your education and advance your career than at Heavy Equipment Colleges of America.

Learn Heavy Equipment Operation from the Best at HEC

For your heavy equipment educational needs, look no further than Heavy Equipment Colleges of America (HEC). You can learn the ins, outs and complexities of heavy equipment operation, in addition to lattice boom and mobile crane operation, through programs offered at HEC’s seven locations across the country.

Heavy Equipment Colleges of America prides itself on providing entry-level practical heavy equipment education tailored to its students’ individual needs. HEC’s programs implement a healthy balance of both textbook learning and hands-on experience to adequately prepare students for entry-level skilled trade jobs.

Heavy Equipment Industry Programs

HEC has been training aspiring heavy equipment operators for over a decade, and its campuses are approved testing sites for the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO). HEC’s instructors have invaluable experience with heavy equipment and cranes, which allows them to pass on lessons they learned in the workplace to aspiring heavy equipment and crane professionals.

Heavy Equipment Colleges of America offers comprehensive heavy equipment operating courses that can be completed in as little as three weeks. This allows you to save time and money compared to an associate or bachelor’s degree program while also providing you with the knowledge and competence you need to start your new career. If you are passionate about construction, do not delay. To learn more about the courses offered at Heavy Equipment Colleges of America or to schedule a tour of the campus nearest you, please visit